Dear participants of Petri Nets and ACSD 2014, for your stay in Tunis we strongly recommend you The Regency Tunis five star hotel in Gammarth.

Special Rates

RoomThe Regency Tunis Hotel
Single room
(including breakfast)
95 Euros
Double room
(including breakfast)
130 Euros

To book a room with these rates, please send email to Haithem Bahria ( with subject PN-ACSD and including your arrival and departure dates.

Airport Pickup

You have two options for transfer International Airport of Tunis Carthage / The Regency Tunis Hotel in Gammarth:

(1) Individual: Yellow cabs (taxi) are equipped with meters. This transfer cost is about 20 Dinars (10 euros).

(2) Collective: please contact by email Haithem Bahria In your email, you should include airline name, flight number, arrival and departure dates.